Experience the deepest kind of support

and the most profound sense of relaxation

One-on-One Sessions

Gail’s intuitive skills help her identify the origin of an issue, then strategically use techniques to release the blocking or interfering negative energies.

"In order to heal, I believe we need to assist the body and mind in finding the natural state of homeostasis. From this state, we give our body the chance it needs to return to center, to grounding and to calm. Many things block this naturally occurring state: stress, toxins, and our thinking, to name a few. My work is about clearing what’s getting in the way of the body and mind’s natural state of healing."


Energy Work

Our bodies are surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field. It is this subtle-energy, or bio-field, that interacts with our physical body by not only flowing through energy centers called chakras, but is the very life force that helps us to thrive. Day-to-day activities, stressful situations, traumas and illness expose us to energetic contaminants that affect our physical and emotional well-being.

Gail's training includes all aspects of subtle energy clearing, including chakra clearing and balancing. Her unique approach to clearing energetic blocks in conjunction with the use of hypnosis is a powerful combination that raises the vibration of her clients for their overall wellness and health.


Hypnosis connects people to their own infinite wisdom by accessing the subconscious and super conscious mind through deep relaxation. In a hypnotic state the mind is more receptive to letting go of negative thought patterns, behaviors and beliefs that interfere with desired goals and healing. Much like being in a deep meditation, this state allows for a particular brain wave - and this is where the healing can happen.

Hypnosis is a great adjunctive therapy to other modalities and can enhance the efficacy of other treatment plans. Practitioners from MDs to acupuncturists refer clients to Gail as an adjacent and supplemental resource.

More About Gail's Sessions

Everyone starts with a free 30-minute consultation where the client and Gail learn about each other

Establishing sessions are up to two hours in length. Follow up sessions are typically 90 minutes.

Once established, Gail may offer virtual energy work programs, or other specialized services.

Sessions are offered in-person (in West Seattle), over videoconference (, or via phone call.

"Gail is amazing to work with and she is very brilliant with her approach. I was looking for a hypnotherapist and was highly recommended to her by some in her field. I had never been hypnotized before and I wasn't sure how it would go. Gail did a great job of staying calm and bringing me to a comfortable state of mind. I would recommend Gail and hypnotherapy if you want immediate results. I was so surprised that issues I had been working on for years could be cleared up in one session. Gail has opened so many doors in my healing that I can be grateful for. I'm so lucky to have found a sincere, wonderful healer to move me into the next part of my life!"

Lauren J, San Francisco, CA

“My work with Gail Sparlin has helped me to achieve results in diminishing and eliminating both chronic nonspecific anxiety & negative self thought forms that were truly hindering my day to day life as a mother of 3 young children. Through Gail's compassionate, empathic listening and guidance I was able to achieve stable results that were illusive to me personally with other forms of talk therapy that I used for years. I feel a sense of self and confidence that I haven't felt in my personal life prior to my work with Gail. She is an amazing healer who takes the time to get to the root of your issue even if you don't quite know how to articulate it. I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude to her, and her practice for all she does.”

Carrie, Seattle WA

Gail Responds to Common Questions

What happens in the free consultation?

The free 30 minute consultation is an opportunity for me to answer your questions and gain a better understanding of what it is you would like help with. There are certain issues out of the scope of my practice and so this would be the time to determine if we are a good fit!

What kind of conditions or issues does your work address?

I work with a varitiy of issues from anxiety, to stuck behavior or thinking, to those looking to grow on their spiritual path. While energy healing is not a cure-all, it can effectively enhance the healing process both physically and emotionally on any issue.

Is there one modality that's better for me than another? Do I get to choose?

Interestingly, the choice is both yours...and neither of ours. I'll explain. If you want just Energy Work or Hypnotherapy, I am glad to oblige. If you want me to 'choose' which approach is best for you in a particular moment, I'm always ready for that - in fact, it is part of the work in every session. What often happens is that the approaches merge as you relax and as I gather information about what may best serve you. It's rather fluid, at times an obvious formula and often entirely intuitive.

How exactly does energy How does hypnosis work?

Energy is everywhere and a part of everything. I can feel energy within another person and I work with that energy to create positive shifts that help the individual feel better, calmer, and gain insight into their struggles. Common energetic issues that improve through a session or remote support are:

  • Clearing and supporting Chakra centers and pathways
  • Removal of toxic energetic attachments
  • Helping past patterns stored at the cellular level be released
  • Ancestral lineage issues negatively affecting the individual

Hypnosis is simply a deep state of relaxation, like meditation. It allows access to the alpha theta brainwaves. This is a naturally occurring state of mind, but we rarely allow ourselves access to this deeply healing mental state on a regular basis.

How many sessions does it take to heal an issue?

This depends on the individual and the issue. I have helped clients in 1- 3 sessions, others continue to work with me on an ongoing basis; working to heal different aspects of a bigger issue. Something like pre-surgical prep is usually one session and can include a personalized hypnosis CD. In general, I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions.

How soon after a session (or some sessions) will I begin to feel results? What might the results feel like?

There is a great variation in how people respond to my treatments. Picture the variety of ways people respond to exercise: some finish exhilarated, some exhausted, some calmed, some energized. In my practice, most people feel deeply relaxed during and after a session. Clients report feeling more grounded and calm, and occasionally feel a tingling sensation, as energetic blocks are removed and healing energies are brought in.

Depending on the reason for your session, you may feel shifts in your outlook, stability, health, tolerance or love (to name a few) within days or weeks of the sessions. The deeper and more profoundly entrenched the issue, the longer the remedy.

I know there is scientific evidence that hypnosis is useful for quitting smoking or losing weight. Is this that kind of hypnosis?

Yes and no. Many techniques I employ are the same or similar to techniques used for smoking cessation or weight loss. However, I do not work with these two issues.

What's the difference between remote energy work and virtual sessions?

Remote energy work is something I offer clients that involves me paying attention to their energetic needs, daily, for a set amount of time, without the client's presence. It's a kind of 'back-up support' without the client needing to do anything on their part. Virtual sessions are in-person sessions that are held over phone or video.

Do you offer any packages or discounts for multiple sessions?

I do. See my Fees & Logistics page for more details.

How do I book a session?

Contact me via email to schedule a free phone consultation for new clients. Established clients have several other ways of contacting me that we discuss when together.