About Gail

"I’m a Colorado native who grew up backpacking and spending time with my Dad in the stunning Rocky Mountains. For the last 27 years, I find myself more at home here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, with the energy of the water so close. I love to travel when I can, but my daily sanctuary remains walking and listening to audio books and spending time with my family and friends.

I have over 25 years in the healthcare field in various roles. Being in the supportive role as an energetic practitioner and hypnotherapist is where my heart really soars! I’m trained as a Spiritual Energy Dynamics® practitioner and a clinical medical support Hypnotherapist. I find the combination of the two modalities to be a unique approach to mind, body and spirit healing."

"Gail is a highly intuitive empath whom I have now worked with for a number of years. By virtue of the clarity and wisdom that she brings to her energy work, I have experienced profound deep healing, coming out of a dark hole that I had been stuck in for over 50 years. Working with Gail has been life transforming - I have found love and peace with self, something I never thought attainable.

For me, it was not a quick fix, rather “a process to attain.” Due to the loving trust I found in Gail from our very first session, I was able and willing to commit to the process. Through her enlightened perception and guidance, I have healed mentally, physically, and emotionally. I was able to open up to my spiritual self that my imbalance had closed off in my childhood. My heart is now open and I am living life as my true self. I am forever grateful, Gail is truly a gift."

Elaine, Seattle WA