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Our bodies are surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field. It is this subtle-energy, or bio-field, that interacts with our physical body by flowing through energy centers called chakras. Day-to-day activities, stressful situations, traumas and illness expose us to energetic contaminates that affect our physical and emotional well-being.

Gail is trained as a certified Spiritual Energy Dynamics® practitioner. Her training includes all aspects of subtle energy clearing, including chakra clearing and balancing. Her unique approach to clearing energetic blocks in conjunction with the use of hypnosis remains a powerful combination to raise the vibration of her clients for their overall wellness and health. Described by some of her clients as 'soul surgery', Gail’s intuitive skills help her identify the origin of an issue, and then strategically use techniques to release the blocking or interfering negative energies.

Clients report feeling more grounded and calm, and occasionally feel a tingling sensation, as energetic blocks are removed and healing energies are brought in. While energy healing is not a cure-all, it can effectively enhance the healing process both physically and emotionally.

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