Due to the complexity of each case, a personalized package may be needed for any of the following programs.  
Gail will discuss that with you if that is the case.

First session / Establishing session for new clients
: $200
This session may be up to 2 hours long and includes a more in-depth consultation and evaluation; hypnosis session and energy healing.   For clients not seen in 3 or more years, an establishing session may be required.

Follow up sessions / Individual sessions: $150
Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes and include hypnosis and / or energy work.

Past Life Regressions: (please call for more information)
Individuals: $175
Couples and Groups (held at alternative location): $200 - $350

Package of 3 sessions: $415
Available to established clients and does not include first session.  Sessions must be used within 3 months of date of purchase.  Extensions are available, but only up to one year of the date of purchase.  After that, all unused sessions are no longer applicable.

One-time Energy clearing: $80
This process clears difficult or stuck energy and may include harmonizing multiple energy fields in a one-time difficult event or stressful situation between client and others.  For established clients only.

10 day Acute Energy clean up and monitoring: $200 Minimum
Daily energy monitoring for acute stressful or traumatic situations. Examples include hospitalization, short-term stress, illness, hospice etc.

One Month Energy support: $500
Daily energy monitoring for ongoing stressful or difficult situations. Examples include dramatic life changes or physical health issues.

Payment accepted by cash, check or credit card.  3% will be added to all credit card payments.

"Gail is a remarkable energy worker with psychic abilities that give her insight into current issues, as well as the deep levels of patterns and memories that can hinder, making life and spiritual growth difficult.  Whether sessions are in-person or at a distance, she can channel energies to balance and strengthen the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  Personal integrity, acceptance, and respect for her clients, coupled with her mindfulness of channeling energy for only the highest good and non-interference with free will and karmic law, allow her energy work to focus at the soul level.  I have worked with Gail for over 2 years and am profoundly grateful to have her support in my pursuit of spiritual growth.  Anyone interested in expanding consciousness, soul memories, and spiritual growth would find working with Gail a great benefit."  

Peggy P, Seattle WA