"...to learn to live within your true Self.  This is the most important art that we should learn."
- Amma

Hypnosis connects people to their own infinite wisdom by accessing the subconscious and super conscious mind through deep relaxation. In a hypnotic state the mind is more receptive to letting go of negative thought patterns, behaviors and beliefs that are interfering with the desired goals and healing. 

Hypnosis is a great adjunctive therapy to other modalities and can enhance the efficacy of other treatment plans. 

Gail also offers Past Life regressions.  Sessions for individuals, couples and groups are available for Past Life regression as well.  Please contact her for more information.

Hypnosis can help to transform:
    • Academic performance
    • Anxiety  
    • Anger
    • Body Image
    • Chronic health problems
    • Depression
    • Fear and phobias
    • Guilt 
    • Insomnia
    • Lack of motivation
    • Low self esteem
    • Negative thoughts and beliefs
    • Pain and chronic pain conditions
    • Preparation for surgery
    • Post surgical healing
    • Stress management
    • Worry
    • And so much more!