What does hypnosis feel like?  
It’s different for everyone.  Some clients report a sinking or heavy feeling in their body, but feel completely relaxed.  Others report feeling light, as if they are floating.  And still others report feeling relaxed with just a sense that their eyes are closed.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?  
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring brain wave state, which means you have already been in a hypnotic state without realizing it.  Using hypnosis to enhance healing is a skill, and practicing helps to reinforce this skill.

Does hypnosis put you under the hypnotherapist’s control?  
No. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring brainwave state, usually a low alpha, high theta state.  While in a hypnotic state the individual’s senses are heightened and he/she actually has more control in this state than being in a fully conscious beta brainwave state.  Therefore, no suggestion can be made to you that will have you act outside of your moral code.

Is hypnosis a truth serum?  
No. Individuals in a hypnotic state have full control over what is revealed in a session. The ego is never completely disassociated in this state which means the hypnotized individual cannot be overpowered.  

How many sessions does it take to heal an issue?
This depends on the individual and the issue. I have helped clients in 1- 3 sessions, others continue to work with me on an ongoing basis; working to heal different aspects of a bigger issue. Something like pre-surgical prep is usually one session and a personalized hypnosis CD.  In general, I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions.  

Do you accept insurance?
No, but I encourage clients to seek reimbursement if they are seeking help for a medical issue.  Some insurance plans may pay a portion.  I have had some clients successfully use their Health Savings Accounts for sessions.